Immerse yourself in the revitalising advantages of our Percussion Therapy, utilising our Hypervolt Pro 2 massage guns by releasing unwanted muscle tension. And at Refined, our Percussion Therapy is free to use when you’re utilising our other services.

Our therapy lounge is a haven of comfort and relaxation, providing the perfect environment to experience the benefits of cutting-edge percussion technology:

Muscle Rejuvenation

Our custom-built pools are a testament to modern design and cutting-edge technology, offering a myriad of advantages:

Enhanced Blood Flow

The rhythmic pulses stimulate blood circulation, promoting nutrient delivery and waste removal for quicker recovery.

Stress Reduction

Indulge in a serene atmosphere that helps alleviate stress and tension, promoting overall relaxation.

To maximise results, we recommend incorporating Percussion Therapy sessions into your routine 2-3 times a week, with each session lasting 10-15 minutes. This frequency ensures an ideal balance between recovery and relaxation.

Our facilities cater to both individual seekers of well-being and sports teams. With the capability to accommodate entire teams simultaneously, our therapy lounge offers the perfect post-game recovery solution.

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