Welcome to Refined Recovery & Wellness, your destination for advanced recovery therapies that elevate your recovery and wellbeing.

Refined offers the most modern and comprehensive recovery and wellness experience in Coffs Harbour. Our modern facility features a custom-built traditional sauna, hot and cold magnesium pools, and a recovery lounge for compression and percussion therapy.

Founded in 2023 by brothers Martin & Cameron Kelleher. Martin says of their journey to create Refined:

“We wanted to create an environment where people who prioritise physical and mental health can access modalities that help them achieve that whilst being surrounded by like-minded people.
Our experience around amateur and professional sporting team environments was the catalyst to provide the Coffs Coast community with a facility that ensures living a high performance lifestyle is accessible and achievable to all.”

Team sports, group training and community groups all foster a sense of belonging through connection. Prioritising your physical and mental health should be no different.

Whether you are looking to optimise your sporting performance, improve your quality of life or just need take a step back from the busy world, you are in the right place!

Refine your approach to training & lifestyle.

Conveniently situated near Coffs Harbour Base Hospital, C.ex International Stadium and many local gyms our modern, technology-rich space offers a holistic approach to recovery and wellness. 


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